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Would you like a cake Doc Martin?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

On 9th September we were lucky enough to be invited to Weldmar Hospice Care's Summer Fete. We had our own little stall where we sold cakes, bakes and treat boxes on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year!

One of the reasons we created Little P's was to raise money, support and awareness for Weldmar so it was fantastic to be there on Saturday offering our treats, meeting Weldmar nurses, colleagues and of course raising money. We were worried our chocolates might melt in the heat but luckily our cool boxes saved the day and the treats sold so quickly they weren't in the heat long enough to melt. Our tombola was also a big hit, with lots of treat box prizes, at one point there was a big queue for tickets.

We had a lovely surprise visit in the afternoon from non other than Doc Martin aka Martin Clunes. Martin has been supporting Weldmar for over 20 years, he was kind enough to come over, say hello and talk about how wonderful the people are who work for Weldmar, yep we agree.

It was a great day and wonderful to see thousands of people come along to support Weldmar and raise a whopping £22,000! You can read more about the event on their website.

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