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Our Products 

Little P's Treat Box

Keepsake gift boxes

We believe a treat box is a special gift, and should come in a memorable gift box. Our treats are all sent out in a beautiful blue keepsake box which is finished off with a white ribbon. The only question is what to keep in them when the treats have been eaten. 

Unique cards that say
how you feel 

Sometimes a treat box is sent to someone going through a tough time, you don't know what to say but you want to show you care. With our range of cards you don't need the words, the card will say it all but you also have the option of adding a personalised message. 

Little P's Gift Cards
Our Cakes
little P's cakes

Our cakes 

If you have read the "About Us" page you'll know how important we feel cakes are. We have tried and tested all of our cakes (that was a good day!) and chosen the tastiest we could find. Not only are they delicious, they are also big! 

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