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About Us

This began in 2021 when my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The six months that followed were horrendous. But we were blessed with the support of an amazing organisation called Weldmar Hospice Care. The support of Weldmar meant that Dad was able to stay at home and we were able to be with him everyday until he passed away in August. 


We will never be able to repay Weldmar for everything they did during that time, not only coming in everyday and helping with care but the kindness and compassion they showed to us all, but we promised to try. In January we raised over £1,000 with a coffee morning and raffle but we wanted to do more.


When we talked about the time Dad was ill, we realised two things, firstly that no one knew what to say to us and secondly how much we (mum, my sister and I) enjoyed little treats such as a cake or chocolates during those difficult days. 


Most days on the way over to Dad's I would pick up cakes from the local farm shop, when the days were bleak it was something we looked forward to, just five minutes with a cake and a coffee. Our friends would also send us care packages and chocolates but no-one knew what to say and although well meaning, generic greeting cards can seem sympathetic and patronising. We realised that there isn’t an offering on the market that encapsulates treats, a bespoke card and message all within a gift box for people going through that type of situation.  


We started discussing how we could bring these things together, the right things to say, the nice little treat and raise money for Weldmar at the same time. That's how we came up with Little p's Treat boxes, the P is for Paul, my Dad. 

Me and my family photo
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